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Monday, December 20, 2010

Space Technology in India

                    To tell about this context an easiest way is to take the Ancient Script ' Vaimanika Sastram'.....It explains about the Aeronautical Engineering and making of Space ships. Most people know that Ravana- A demon used to have a beautiful ,luxury Flight.....which can accommodate any number of people and leaves space for one more person.
                    At the time of Bhoja Raja ....he used to have few planes of different types that which can run for few hundred kilo meters to Few thousand kilometers.The technology is not this polluting technology  here. In the Vaimanika Sastra...they explained different space ships one inside the Earth..another to next planets..and another one is very large distance Maharloka which is above these all is explained here the main qualifications of a Pilot...and how to face a war on ship if somebody is attacking from ground and from another to take care of them selves when they reached to space...and when they face sun.
                    Lets explore one more important topic....Pandora...the Planet as explained in Avatar...In the Ancient Text...'Yoga Vasistam'  Vasista explained how similar earths are there in he world and how similar they would be with the Earth......He said there are different earths in the Universe..few are very similar and almost happens same like our earth......and few are different with different laws and nature.
                   In all these Space crafts Mercury Engines are used....which are very sophisticated from Existing Technology.... mercury engines can be found in the ancient Vedic text  called Samaranga Sutradhara.
                   There was a Secret of the Anti Gravity which is kept in secret library in India./ keep away from Evil Hands.
                    Ashoka....has started a secret Association of 9 scientists to explain the Ancient Texts, Alexander and his historians Chronicled that In INDIA at one point they were attacked by flying Machines...and flying saucers been explained in Ramayana and Drona parva......Mahabharata....which has been proved by Historians it self as 5000 years ago story...these flying Saucers are Explained.
                   Explore India.......Nothing is new in India, Just need to explore the Ancient  methods in New way. 1000 years old Temples....great architecture...with lot of hidden secrets.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Why is YOGA?

            Yoga rocking brand now....but what is the it the yoga which every body are explaining......No...its only a basic part in Hata Yoga to keep body flexible and Hata Yoga itself there is advanced and most advanced stages...where a person can clean his body parts by taking them out...Hata Yoga only keeps the body the person can live 1000 years of age also.

            These cannot be explained in Know it because its restricted approach towards Yoga.All the readers of Patanjali Yoga know this...but at believing part...there should be capability to understand these should reach a level to accept....can you ever imagine 100% in to others shoes...can u? u cannot...similarly there are so many things.......

            Yoga is not restricted to only keeping body healthy...its even spiritual to attain the reach ultimate stage...where one can die when ever he want and can live as long as he can free transform your body in to any thing...even disappear...can change bodies....can see everything in is a small thing for sadness .....eternal happiness....can swim in earth..can fly in air...what else he cannot do...he can do every thing..

             I will explain the possibilities of  these and would like to explore the greatness of these saints.Slowly in relevant occasions we will discuss these highlights ....we cannot easily discuss a single phrase even in a few pages....formula may be simple but the explanation and understanding is very much different and have to be achieved.


       India....a word which holds 120 cores of population with a status of sub continent having multiple geographies and cultures.holding a strong base of spiritual world having roots of every aspect in this world.
       India....having a great history with Ethics,humanity,spirituality.Vedic culture explained how to live and explained every aspect of this world starting from fire ending with space aeronautical technology which we don't even invented till now.
       The Base of these growth of Ancient  India is because of accepted Truth rather than wasting time in worst senseless,ego less,self defensing discussions and politics. The base is accepting the relation between the human life with Spiritual Life.The Base is defining the destination of life. The base of this ancient kingdom is to fight straight against evil even he is strong what ever be the result and  feel shame to fight through kids,women, incapable men with out weapons. The base of this wonderful land is Ethics which are missing in this world now.
       India...different cultures with one destination,different paths with one destination. India now became different countries which every historian know the fact.
       Modern India....Learning from world new methods like back stubbing,divide and rule policy,unethical practices,never accept truth but explain differently your inability to accept truth.

       My Effort is to explain and  take out the real fact of Ancient India and trying to explain how it applies to Modern world. Would like to reveal the truth that Men does not mean the person who can provide children to his women. Courage does not mean that shouting and fighting after drunk.